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Our newest moderator, Cuteyetitv =D

Hello penguins

We now have a new moderator who is willing to devote there youtube account to advertise and protect Penguin Chat 3. This person is truly into Penguin Chat with many Penguin Chat videos and is good and keeping organized. Please congratulate Cuteyetitv =)

Now i’ve been getting like 11 PMs on youtube saying ”WHY ISNT PC3 UP YET?” To answer your question, It will be up very soon. Youtuby002 creator of the remake is planning to release it within 2 weeks and keep the server up like forever.

Waddle around and have some fun(Old PC3 catchphrase)

-Crazy Legs


PC3 coming when?

Penguin Chat 3 might be coming out today or tommorow, For now be patient and we will get back to you.


Crazy Legs



Thanks 09op

New PC3 link?

Hello penguins

Crazy here to update you with what the team has been working on for PC3, We are currently trying our best efforts to get PC3 server to come online for anyone who is using EST, Before the server could only be on 3 days for EST, but right now we are trying to get the new server working, Did i mention you might be able to waddle and dance on PC3 new server? I just did so once we get the server running go to: http://penguinchat3.vacau.com/­PC3%20load%202%20test.swf for your new PC3 server.

P.S if link dosent work copy and paste it into your address bar, then take out the(-) in between the .com/PC3 take the (-) out

Waddle around and have some fun!

-Crazy Legs

Penguin Chat 3 staff

New homepage for PC3

Hi Penguins, Crazy here

Have you went to PC3 homepage yet? You should(http://penguinchat3.vacau.com) It will take you to the old CP homepage, dont worry we will remove all the CP stuff and put PC3 in it, and hopefully have the whats new blog in Penguinchat3.vacau domain so that when you click whats new it takes you here or to a new PC3 blog that will replace this one. PC3 is still offline because we have alot of work to do for this BIG update. Also PC3 now has moderators, 09 and youtuby arent the only ones, Me and a few others can now ban(The others dont know how to ban,kick, or message yet XD) We will update as soon as PC3 comes online, then update again when PC3 homepage is finished. Please be patient because we are trying to give you penguins the BEST PC3 gameplay possible


-Crazy Legs

Official Moderator of PC3


Hi guys we have had lots of fun on the sever and for all those that didnt we wanted to show u some picture!

Update: Please check post below for update on when PC3 grand opening party will continue(No date but a update)

Experiencing Techinical Difficulties…..

Hello penguins

The party for grand opening is going well but….

We are currently experiencing techinical difficulties….. The chat glitch should be fixed shortly, We appreciate your cooperation and patients, Chat will be fixed soon and we will update when it does.

PC3 is updated to old version dued to fixing of the chat bug, The party is cancelled for now, we promise it will come back later when chat is fixed, chat is normal right now so you can still come online and play some PC3 =D

UPDATE: Youtuby002 creator of remake PC3 dosent currently have his laptop, When he gets it back we will try our BEST to restore the party with party hats and chat being normal, for now please be patient with us so that you can have the BEST PC3 gameplay possible.

NOTE:People think you cant get banned on PC3, PC3 is moderated by live moderators, even if we are offline we can still watch you, send messages to you and others, and ban you if we see you breaking the rules without being online, This game ISNT exactly like Old PC3 where there was no rules, we have rules now so dont misbehave!


-Crazy Legs

Official Moderator of PC3